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Call for Papers

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The Fryske Akademy, the Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning, the Lectorate Multilingualism and Literacy of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, the department of Frisian Studies of University of Groningen, and the department Language Technology and Culture of UG/Campus Fryslân are pleased to announce the

Second Conference on Frisian Humanities

13 - 16 September 2022  |  WestCord WTC Hotel, Ljouwert / Leeuwarden, the Netherlands




Resilience in Frisian Humanities

Frisian language and history possess great resilience in various domains. For example, Frisians were able to uphold their own form of government and law code in the Middle Ages. The famous “Frisian freedom” serves as a beautiful example of resilience. Another example is found in the 19th century, when the Frisian Movement came into existence as part and result of the European Romantic Period. The Frisian movement was a prime factor in the creation of a substantial Frisian literature, of an orthography for written Frisian and of a grammar for the Frisian language. It sparked off immense, often scientific, interest in Frisian history, folklore and language.

The resilience of Frisian language and culture is of vital interest nowadays. What challenges do minority languages face nowadays, and how can these challenges be met? Present-day developments involve a wide range of areas, such as education (Language Plan 2030) and language technology (speech recognition and synthesis). Minority languages are integrated in education through multilingualism and translanguaging at all levels of education.

The 2nd Conference on Frisian Humanities aims to bring together scholars and students across the multidisciplinary field of Frisian humanities and/or other minority languages. We welcome proposals focussing on (but not limited to):

  • Frisian Linguistics
  • Multilingualism in a minority context
  • Multilingual education in a minority context
  • Speech and language technology for low-resourced languages
  • Medieval history of Frisia
  • 19th century history of Frisia
  • Literature of minority languages
  • Movies and films in minority languages

Proposals regarding original, previously unpublished research on minority languages are invited in two formats: individual papers and posters. Proposals should relate to one (or more) of the conference themes listed above. The Scientific Committee is open to proposals for colloquia/workshops. Should you want to organise a workshop or colloquium during the conference, please contact the organisers at info@frisianhumanities.frl for more information.


Proposals for individual papers or posters

Please submit an abstract (450-words including references) of your paper or poster, with your name, affiliation, address, phone and email address at the end of your abstract. The abstract should include enough detail to allow reviewers to judge the scientific merits of the proposal.

The official languages of the conference are Frisian, Dutch and English. The sessions on multilingual education, multilingualism in a minority context and on speech and language technologies for minority languages will be in English only. If a presentation is based on data in any other language, use of multilingual material (e.g. in Power Point slides, handouts) is recommended.

Oral papers will be allotted 30 minutes, allowing 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions.

The abstracts for papers and posters should be submitted here.


Important dates

  • Submission for individual papers or posters: 15 March, 2022 (deadline extended!).
  • Notification of acceptance of individual papers or posters: 15 April, 2022.


Reviewing of the abstracts

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed anonymously by the members of the Scientific Committee of 2nd CFH. They will be evaluated for their contribution to the field, quality of the content, thematic relevance and quality of the abstract (organization, clarity of expression). We will accept for presentation by each author: (a) a maximum of 1 first authored paper/poster, and (b) a maximum of 2 papers/posters in any authorship status.

Please visit the website www.frisianhumanities.frl for regular updates on the 2nd Conference on Frisian Humanities.

Correspondence with organizers: info@frisianhumanities.frl


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