Scientific Committee

All the abstracts, posters and workshop proposals were carefully reviewed (peer-review) by a scientific committee. In alphabetical order, the members of the scientific committee of the second Conference on Frisian Humanities were:

- Catherine van Beuningen - Hogeschool van Amsterdam
- Alderik Blom - Universiteit Marburg
- Matt Coler - University of Groningen/ Campus Fryslân
- Régine Croes - Instituto Pedagogico Arubano
- Joana Duarte - NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
- Lisa Gaikhorst - Universiteit van Amsterdam
- Simon Halink - Fryske Akademy
- Henk van den Heuvel - CLST, Radboud Universiteit
- Eric Hoekstra - Fryske Akademy
- Nelleke IJssennagger - Fryske Akademy
- Anne Merkuur - Fryske Akademy
- Laura Nap - NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
- Shekhar Nayak - UG/Campus Fryslân
- Jonathan Roper - University of Tartu
- Ronald Schumann - Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig
- Hans Van de Velde - Fryske Akademy, Universiteit Utrecht
- Gunther de Vogelaer - Universiteit Münster

De organisation would like to thank all the members of the committee for their work. 

In the meantime, all scientists who had submitted something have received a message about their possible participation in the congress. The timetable will be announced shortly.